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Why Temp Work is Perfect for Pursuing a Degree

Posted by Workbox Staffing

May 16, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Being a student is usually synonymous with being stressed, considering internships, finals, papers, and every assignment and extra activity in between. On top of all that, you typically want to make a little money to help pay for your education. Instead of being overwhelmed, think about why being a temp is the perfect choice when you’re pursuing a degree.

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Turning a Temporary Placement into a Career

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 30, 2018 1:05:00 PM

In recent years, temporary employment has turned into a valuable option for many in the workforce. It gives you the opportunity to try out a position without the commitment to a job that may not be the right fit. However, what happens if you want to stay?

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Topics: Temporary Job Tips, Contract Job, Accelerating Your Career

Where to Find Work During the Holiday Season

Posted by Stephanie Scott

Dec 21, 2017 12:45:00 PM

During the holiday season, many companies increase staffing with temporary and part-time employees. This is especially true for retailers who are looking for cashiers and helping keep shelves stocked — and anything related to delivering packages, such as warehouse and delivery jobs. If you want to find work during the holiday season and earn some extra cash, where do you start?

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How Wages Increase or Decrease the Availability of Quality Candidates

Posted by Erica McEachran

Feb 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM

When searching for new employees, whether temporary employees, holidays help or full-time staff, determining the right wage for each and position is important. Other than fitting their pay into your budget, the wage should reflect the responsibilities of the job and the quality of the work you expect.

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