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Talking Points You Should Avoid at the Warehouse Water Cooler

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 18, 2018 11:00:00 AM

When you spend most of your life at work, connecting with your co-workers can make the experience a little more pleasant. Certain topics are a commonplace, like sports or weather, because they’re rarely controversial and most will have something to offer in conversation.

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Friday Beers: Old Nation's M-43 N.E. IPA

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 13, 2018 2:30:18 PM

Welcome to Friday Beers Blog #4! This is the fourth installment in our brewsading series. This time we’re taking on Old Nation Brewing’s M-43.

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Decoding Body Language During an Interview

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 12, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Some of the most honest communication happens through expressions and gestures rather than words. The mouth might say one thing while the body is telling a different story. These nonverbal cues help contribute to understanding how a person is really feeling. Knowing how to read a candidate is important in hiring situations.

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Friday beers: Bell's Oberon Ale & Founder's KBS

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 6, 2018 5:04:53 PM

Welcome to Friday Beers Blog #3! This is our third blog in this series, which we created to share our down to earth philosophy with you. We didn’t want to stay too Michigan-centric with our series but today we felt the need to highlight two Michigan beers whose release is something of a holiday for us Michiganders: Bell’s Oberon Ale and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

Beverage: Bell’s Oberon Ale

Brewed in: Kalamazoo, MI

ABV: 5.8%

Beer rating: 82

Our review: For many in Michiganders this beer signals the beginning of the end of Winter which, in Michigan, can be, uh, interesting. The release date of this beer is actually celebrated as “Oberon Day” and people rush to gobble up this freshly brewed slice of sunshine anxiously awaiting the long, warm days of Summer in the Mitten. The brew is simple (only four ingredients) and has a slight aroma of orange, which is why you’ll often see it served with an orange slice. While it flat out tastes good, the real appeal of this deal is what it represents.

Why we like it: You can drink this beer warm. Seriously. Don’t heat it on the stove or anything, but if you happen to find yourself at a concert in the blaring sun and your cooler is sitting on your kitchen counter, this beer is still enjoyable. We think it’s because of the spices included during the brewing process. We definitely recommend enjoying fully chilled, but don’t sweat it if the beer gets sweaty. Know what we’re saying?

Why we don't like it: Okay, so here’s the deal: they don’t really filter Oberon. When they put the wheat and the hops and the spices and water together they just let it all mingle like a room full of hockey players at the dentist. Then they bottle it. Oberon looks hazy. There are little bits of stuff floating in it. Don’t worry though, you can’t really tell when it’s 90 degrees out and Oberon hits your mouth. THAT’s Pure Michigan.

Pairs well with: lunch meetings on the vendor’s dime, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”, orange slices, boats in freshwater lakes.

Beverage: Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Brewed in: Grand Rapids, MI

ABV: 12.3%

Beer rating: 100

Our review: Imagine one of the best stouts you’ve ever had. It’s creamy, with chocolate and vanilla flavors. You feel 20 years wiser while you sip it. You feel powerful just holding the black elixir in your mug. Now imagine putting that beer in a bourbon cask and leaving it in a gypsum mine underneath the City of Grand Rapids for a year. That’s KBS and it’s glorious. This is near beer perfection, and you owe it to yourself to have a taste of it. It’s complex and unique. The coffee, chocolate, and vanilla are complimented nicely by the bourbon seepage over twelve months in a barrel. You savor this beer. You don’t just drink it.

Why we like it: If you have this beer in your possession, you’re pretty much everyone’s best friend. This beer is released every year in limited quantities so expect lines, tickets, and some very disappointed beer enthusiasts who drove all the way from Utah and couldn’t find a parking spot in time to get a lottery spot. If you are one of the lucky ones to buy KBS (you can only buy one four-pack at a time) rest assured that everyone and their accountant is going to want to hang out with you this Friday. Do you need to borrow their power washer? No problem, keep it for as long as you like.

Why we don't like it: If you have this beer in your possession, you’re pretty much everyone’s best friend. But, what if you don’t have it? Loads of people end up disappointed every year when they can’t order another round or find the shelves empty on release day. It can be really hard to find even in Founders’ own taproom. Worst part? When the KBS dries up you have to wait an entire year to try again.

Pairs well with: Nothing. Don’t do anything but drink this beer when you try it for the first time. It’s hard enough to get. Enjoy it. After that you can pair it with anything. We don’t care.

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What’s Facebook Jobs and Will It Help My Job Search?

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Apr 4, 2018 10:15:00 AM

In the last decade, Facebook has changed the way humans communicate. It wasn’t the first social media platform, but it was a game changer, and that’s a role it continues to play. Namely, Facebook brings the world together. There are more than seven billion people in the world, and almost a quarter of them have Facebook accounts.

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5 Words That You Should Rethink on Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Mar 31, 2018 3:15:00 PM

It’s 2018 and most people understand the value of a well-written online profile. Our online social and professional accounts become the first impression we make to others, even potential employers. Because of this, we want to shine where it counts and in the social media world, that space is LinkedIn.

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Shoes Your Warehouse Should be Investing In

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Mar 28, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Finding the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in your life. When your job involves staying on your feet most of the day, the right pair of shoes is crucial to keep your body comfortable and healthy. Without enough support, your shoes can leave your feet and legs aching with potential long-term issues. Wearing the right shoes can prevent issues not only in the heels, ankles and arches, but also in the hips, knees and back.

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Four Ways to Finding Your Passion

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Mar 26, 2018 11:30:00 AM

All the career help guides tell you if you find what you’re passionate about, and dedicate your career to it, you’ll be fulfilled. For some, the answer comes quickly and easily. For others, that’s not always the case.

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Friday Beers: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Mar 23, 2018 1:39:00 PM

Welcome to Friday Beers Blog #2! This is our second blog in this series, which we created to share our down to earth philosophy with you. If you missed last week's blog, we reviewed a beer with a fruity twist. We decided to stay with that theme this week: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.

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Easily Avoidable Health and Safety Threats

Posted by Workbox Staffing

Mar 22, 2018 3:15:00 PM

Everyday life is filled with risks, some avoidable and many not. The slightest error can cause entire systems to break and crash, and one misplaced item can cause injury and mayhem in any workplace. In a work environment, each profession brings its share of potential hazards.

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