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Get Motivated, Get To Work!

Posted by Lisa D'Addario

Jun 1, 2017 11:25:00 AM

We get it. It’s hard to get up and get going some days. You have to prepare the kid’s lunch, take the dog out, and eat a “healthy” breakfast before actually getting to work on time. Alternatively, maybe you’re on third shift while the rest of the world is sleeping and you wish you were too. How does anybody do this? How do you get motivated again? If it seems like a reoccurring battle, we’ve got some tips that you may want to consider to get you in the right state of mind.

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Accomplish a Small Goal
When you set a goal, no matter how big or small it may be, you have the capability of determining the deadline. Take a moment to wash the dishes, do ten jumping jacks, or make the bed. Completing these simple tasks will improve your organization and will help you feel like you can accomplish more significant goals.

Make a List
There’s power in checking things off a list. When you incorporate checklists at your home, this skill carries into your work. Work is all about completing projects, providing excellent customer service, and feeling like you’ve contributed; this pressure to meet deadlines overshadows the emotion of success when production is completed. We guarantee you’ll feel more motivated to move onto the next box after the first one has been checked off. Take the time to acknowledge what you’ve completed.

Talk to Yourself
You don’t have to be your own critic. When you need a push, you don’t have to rely on others to encourage you. Yes, it’s weird to look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a rockstar, but do it! It will be silly, and you may feel strange, but you’ve beat yourself up enough. It’s time to give yourself a bit more credit.

Go to Work
We’ve all been there. The thought of calling into work lingers just seconds after you’ve woken up. However, by skipping a work day, you often lose more than you gain. Your paycheck suffers, you miss out on valuable information, and you jeopardize your employment. Skipping will not help motivate you for the next work day. Just go to work. Simple as that.

If you’re looking for new opportunities in light industrial, warehouse operation, and office support, we’d love to help you apply yourself. Workbox Staffing welcomes motivated candidates to apply for the available job opportunities we have. We’ve all been in the situation of losing motivation, but we can help each other get out of it!

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