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A Staffing Agency: One Point of Contact, A Network of Potential Employees

Posted by Shawna Echebelem

Nov 30, 2016 8:11:00 AM

A lot happens behind the scenes of a staffing agency that the clients might never see, as they typically only communicate with one point of contact at the agency. But, like an iceberg, there is so much more happening beneath the surface. Take a peek into the inner life of Workbox Staffing, and you’ll see internal conversations and sharing of information happening within our team about openings and potential candidates that enables us to help our clients achieve success.

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Four Eyes are Better than Two

Posted by Cameron Wooten

Nov 23, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Your company may already work with a staffing agency and understand the many benefits of using an agency to fill vacant positions. From quicker hiring times to easily finding qualified replacement workers, your staffing agency has helped you stay productive when you have sick employees, a sudden vacancy, need for more employees or a lot of staff members on vacation.

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Topics: Workbox Staffing, Staffing Agency, HR, Human Resources, workplace productivity, Productivity

Using a Staffing Agency to Meet Holiday Labor Demands

Posted by Shawna Echebelem

Nov 8, 2016 7:38:00 AM

The holidays are a crazy time for many businesses, from retailers to warehouses to delivery services. Millions of seasonal workers are hired every year to handle the increased demand for products and services. Staffing agencies alone provide more than 3 million workers to employers during the last quarter of the year.

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