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4 Advantages of Working Second Shift

Posted by Workbox Staffing

May 2, 2018 10:00:00 AM

When you join a field like light industrial work or nursing, you’re accepting that shift work becomes a part of your life. In most cases, these schedules are split into three shifts – first, second, and third. While hours vary by company, typically you can think of it like morning to early afternoon, afternoon to late evening, and overnight.

In some positions you’ll be required to work a set shift which might rotate every so often with your co-workers, so no one is stuck on the same shift. In other situations, you might be given the opportunity to choose. Every shift has its pros and cons; here are four benefits in choosing to work the 2nd shift.


1. You Can Sleep Later

Early mornings for work become a thing of the past. Working the second shift means you aren’t going to work until after lunch, giving you more hours to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the day. Even better, you’ll likely be out of work no later than midnight, keeping your nights relatively early so you have ample time to get the sleep you need and be productive before your next shift.

2. You Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

When you’re sleeping in, you won’t have to worry about gridlock and bumper-to-bumper traffic keeping you from your job. The times you’ll be driving both to and from work won’t coincide with most other people’s commute, keeping the roads clear for you. More than just your frustration while driving, this keeps you from having to leave earlier to accommodate potential traffic.

3. You Have Time For Appointments

The 9-to-5 life has its benefits, except when it comes to certain errands. To schedule doctor’s appointments, you often have to schedule time away from the office because the doctor doesn’t work past 5 either. If you’re working the 2nd shift, you have all morning to make appointments and run errands without the end of the day exhaustion you feel when completing work.

4. You Can Work Another Job

Depending on your actual shift times, you might have the opportunity to pick up a second job and work a few hours a couple of days a week to bring in some extra income without feeling strained.

Find The Right Job And Shift For You

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