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Posted by Ashley St Aubin

Jan 7, 2015 2:46:59 PM

Whether you’ve got a job lined up or you’ve just started searching, the interview process can be the most nerve-wracking part. Fear not! We’ve gained exclusive information from an interviewer that may help with your pre-interview jitters. And believe it or not, being nervous might be a good thing. We’ve interviewed Morgan, a Workbox employee who meets and interviews with hundreds of individuals on a weekly basis, to see how it feels to be on the other side of an interview.

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Q: How are you able to distinguish a qualified candidate from the large pool of applicants that you interview with?

Morgan: Personally, I feel more confident placing candidates who are more attentive during the interview. I look for individuals who are able to communicate their responses completely. When someone lacks engagement, or if they seem bored, it really presents them as being unmotivated. These are the candidates that I don’t feel comfortable placing with our clients. Skills are definitely important in recruiting, but how an applicant presents themselves really makes a difference.

Q: Although you meet weekly with hundreds of candidates, there must be some that you really remember. What sets these individuals apart?

Morgan: There are a select few who make this kind of impression. Generally, these candidates were very appreciative of our services. It’s very clear who is thankful for an opportunity, because there are several who come in here with the expectation to have many job possibilities just handed to them. There’s a process to finding the best candidates, and the interview might be the first and last of the relationship between the applicant and the company. Be appreciative and show that you’re willing to prove that you’re trying to find employment.

Q: What are the advantages of applying for work through a temp service?

Morgan: There are misconceptions about temp services. Many people have the idea that the jobs are all short-term and temporary, when in reality, most positions are temp-to-hire. A lot of these positions leave room for advancement. By working through a temp service, job seekers can get their foot in the door and make their way up. Our goal as a temp agency is to find these individuals who are going to be successful, because every individual we place is a representation of us.

Q: How does Workbox Staffing compare to other staffing agencies?

Morgan: Workbox is determined to fulfill our client needs, much like other staffing agencies. What sets us apart is our teamwork. This industry is expanding, and our ability to work in a team environment is benefiting us tremendously. When we complete our daily job orders, we all cheer in the office. Our motivation and encouragement within the offices really sets us apart. I’m always very proud when I hear our workers say things like, “I’ve gone through other staffing agencies, and you guys have treated me so much better.” I’m glad I’m part of something that can make positive changes in so many lives.

Q: Do you have any general suggestions for those who may be scared of being interviewed?

Morgan: You shouldn’t be nervous because we’re only trying to get to know you. Focus on how you present yourself, not in the way you’re dressed, but in the way you act. The first impression is crucial. If you’re nervous, I can still see that you’re taking the interview seriously, as opposed to saying nothing at all and showing no initiative.

There you have it. Now you have nothing to worry about! Grab your resume, comb your hair, put on a smile and make an impression. The only thing stopping yourself from your future job is yourself. Meet with Morgan or our other representatives today to discuss your potential job opportunities!

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